agro village, monte palegrino, palermo, 1999 masterplan

Located adjacent to Palermo, and set on the hills of the magnificent Monte Pellegrino, the project explored the majestic mountain, especially the local agricultural resources and production facilities of Palermo.
It proposed an organic farm and agro-village, including orange and strawberry trees; almond, hazelnut and pasticcio fields; and a dairy products factory. It also features hiking terrains and biking paths.

Monte Pellegrino is known as a sacred mountain ever since the 12th century, when the remains of Santa Rosallia (the mystical patroness of Palermo) were found in a grotto.
The proposal begins at the bottom of the hill, follows the existing road towards the peak, branches into hiking paths and passes along tree fields. The proposed buildings have been designed as small-scale interventions, thus allowing spatial engagements within the versatile environment of Monte Pellegrino, and offering spectacular views over the city of Palermo and the sea.

author: Jelena Jovik, ongoing research - SED+ME